Brewing Kombucha is a fun and easy way to start the journey of fermentation. We recommend you only use organic ingredients and not ferment in plastic containers.

Things you will need to brew 1 Gallon:

A mother culture (SCOBY)
Starter Liquid
Organic Black Tea – 15 grams loose or 6-7 tea bags
Organic Cane Sugar – 1 cup
Filtered water – 1 Gallon split in 2
Brewing Vessel
Cloth to cover
OPTIONAL: Thermometer

Step one:

Place half of water into pot on the stovetop and heat on high heat until water just begins to boil.

Step two:

Once water has reached boil, turn off heat and add the sugar. Stir until dissolved.

Step three:

Add tea and steep for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Step four:

Strain tea leaves out and pour steeped tea into brewing vessel.

Step five:

Add other half of water into vessel to cool tea mixture to body temperature.

Step six:

Once the tea is below 96ยบ add the SCOBY and starter liquid.

Step seven:

Cover with cloth and secure with rubber band or string.