Dear Cleveland Culinary & Launch Kitchen,

By: Jenny Arundel, @Jenny_Arundel, For Bearded Buch Yesterday we started out our week with yet another bottling session. We gathered up some dedicated ‘buch lovers and packaged 171 cases. Bottling 2,052 bottles of kombucha certainly isn’t easy and can often test your...

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Kombucha: From an Outsider’s Perspective

By: Libby Bradford, @libby_bradford, For Bearded Buch Have you ever heard of kombucha? If not, there’s no need to panic. A little over six weeks ago, I didn’t either. I had done my research (like most people do) and still felt in the dark about this crazy thing called...

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Why Kombucha is Worth a Shot

By: Jenny Arundel, @Jenny_Arundel, For Bearded Buch If you’re already familiar with kombucha, congratulations! If this weird drink is something you’re just recently hearing about, no shame! Kombucha is a beverage made from fermenting tea with good bacteria and yeast...

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Brothers in Business

When Aaron first told me he had been experimenting with this weird tasting drink called Kombucha and wanted to start the first Cleveland based Kombucha company I had one reaction… “What the heck is Kombucha?” After he let me try his concoction for the first time and...

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Behind the Beard

If you had asked me five years ago if I would start a food company in Cleveland, I would have thought you were joking. I was working as the communications coordinator for the local MLS and had a nice 9-5 desk job. In my spare time I worked in freelance graphics and...

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